In The Hague, about 40 demonstrators have supported Russia’s actions in Syria — Freesuriyah

In The Hague, about 40 demonstrators have supported Russia’s actions in Syria BERLIN, Oct 29 – RIA Novosti, Angelina Timofeeva. About 40 people took part in demonstrations in support of Russia’s actions in Syria in the center of The Hague on Saturday, RIA Novosti reported organizer of the rally, a member of the Syrian Committee […]

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In The Hague today. The DUTCH media are silent. Just photos without comments — Freesuriyah

В Гааге сегодня. СМИ молчат. Только фото без комментариев. Геополитика Кризис Еврозоны, Россия-Запад, Новости Наверх Яндекс.Директ Рецепт. Шарлотка с яблокамиВкус­нейший рецепт Шарлотка с яблоками с фото и поша­говым приго­товле­нием!!! S.HoldingНадежен ли этот застройщик? История компании. Руководители и собствен­ники блог рекламаот PRSTAR. 40000 испол­нителей, доступных в нашем онлайн сервисе

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IT’S OVER: Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined…


Religion of Terror? Leaked ISIS Documents – 70% of Recruits Don’t Even Know What Islam Is — The Liberty Beacon

Religion of Terror? Leaked ISIS Docs Show 70% of Recruits Don’t Even Know What Islam Is By: Claire Bernish Shredding the oft- and self-propagated notion the Islamic State is comprised of radical Muslims, the vast majority […] The post Religion of Terror? Leaked ISIS Documents – 70% of Recruits Don’t Even Know What Islam Is appeared…

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The “endgame” Aleppo — Freesuriyah

By: Sonja 4-8-2016 The western world, meaning the EU and US, who support the so-called rebels, which I prefer to call terrorists, are in despair, they know they are loosing their plannend game of a “color revolution”and “regime change”in Syria! Everyday, especially nowadays, since the “Mother of battles for Aleppo began”, they become more desperate […]

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This book, ‘The Libya Conspiracy’, is the definitive exposure and analysis of the international War Crime that was carried out by the major Western governments in Libya in 2011 – what was the crime of the century.

The product of over a year’s work, this is an exhaustive work of independent research and journalism that comprehensively destroys the false mainstream media/government narrative concerning the destruction of Libya. Please share this book and this information far and wide and help expose and disseminate the truth about an international criminal conspiracy so heinous that the media even now refuses to talk about it in truthful terms.

The book is available for download in three formats;

To download the basic PDF, click here.

To download the version for your Kindle or e-book reader device, click here.

To download the formatted version for your mobile device, click here.

Or if you prefer to read the book on-line, you can read it in Google Docs on this link.

There are also file support/instructions here for anyone having problems. 

If you have any problems downloading or reading the book, contact me directly and I can directly email you a copy.

Download ‘The Libya Conspiracy’ for free, using the links provided. And feel free to distribute it freely, so long as no alterations are made. And thank you for supporting this blog and for supporting independent journalism in particular.


List of Main Contents;

Gaddafi’s Libya: Before the Crisis
The Obama Letters

February 2011: The Beginning of the End
Gaddafi and the Media

Collapse of a Nation: How it (Really) Started
The ‘Day of Rage’
Ultra-Violence & the State of Terror
‘Peaceful, Pro-Democracy’ Protesters
Bernard Levy

Mass Deception: Enter the Corporate Media
The Media Deception Campaign
Saif Gaddafi
The Russian Satellite Data

Utilising Social Media: The Propaganda Masterstroke
Persona Management Software
The You-Tube Strategy
A Nation ‘Destabilised by Al-Jazeera’

The Brink of the Abyss: “We are the People of Libya!”

Rebels, Mercenaries, Terrorists, Proxy Militias
‘Everyone is Terrified’
Al-Qaeda’s Day in the Sun
Billion-Dollar Mercenaries
A Word About ‘Captagon’
Guantanamo Bay

The UN Resolution and NATO’s Imperialist War
UN Resolution 1973
The UN Charter
The War on Libya Begins

‘Disguised as Arabs’ – The ‘Fifth Element’ in Libya
Boots on the Ground
Special Forces, MI6, Qatar & Criminal Warfare
The 2010 Unconventional Warfare Manual of the US Military

The Corporate Media Fiction & the ‘Crimes of the Regime’
The Benghazi Narrative
The Viagra Stories
The African Mercenaries
Amnesty International & International Crisis Group
BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN & co Go to Town
The Information War

Timeline of Destruction: March – October 2011
Operation Destroy Libya
NATO War Crimes

‘Criminals and Barbarians’ – NATO’s Civilian Casualties
Piles of Bodies…’
The Fall of Tripoli
Operation Target Gaddafi
The Osama bin Laden Ruse
The ‘Nazi-Fascist Role’
Gaddafi’s Last Stand

The End of Gaddafi & the End of Libya
The ‘Largest Demonstration in World History’
Sirte & the Brutal Murder of Gaddafi

End-Game: The Gaddafi Check-Mate
Citizens Commission on Benghazi Report

Further Information to Convict Hilary Clinton, Sarkosy & Possibly Others of Murder…
The ‘White-Flag’ Convoy
The ‘Return to Barbarism’
Sarkozy and the French Connection
Three Decades of ‘Operation Assassinate Gaddafi’

After Gaddafi: The ‘National Transitional Council’
Ethnic Cleansing, Torture, Persecution & Murder
Who the ‘Opposition’ Leaders Really Were
Revolution or ‘Counter-Revolution?
Jalil’s Confession
The War in Syria

Libya NOW: A ‘Failed State’
Warlords, Terrorists, Rival Militias, & No Government
‘Islamic State’, Sharia Law, the Persecution of Women
2011 ‘Civil War’ as ‘Battle of the Sexes’
Mass Migration & the Mediterranean

The Case for the Prosecution: The Crime & the Criminals
Obama, Hilary, David Cameron & the Whole Mafia
The Mass Media Warfare
The Pentagon Tapes
Decades of Propaganda
The Berlin Disco Bombing
The Murder of Yvonne Fletcher
The Failure of the UN

The Motive: Why Libya Was Targeted
The Gold Dinar & African Development
The Gold Heist of the Century
The Lockerbie Reimbursements
The ‘World Revolution’
The ‘Islamic State’, the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ & the ‘Perpetual War’

“Moderate” US-Backed Islamic Rebels Are Committing Summary Execution, Torture, Kidnapping and Other War Crimes … And Imposing Sharia Law —

In a new report, Amnesty International documents war crimes by US-backed groups. Ahrar al-Sham. Secretary of State Kerry just said that this group is a “subgroup” of both ISIS and Al Nusra (Al Nusra is Al Qaeda). Ahrar al-Sham is supported by close Western allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey (the latter is a NATO member). from […]

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New government sworn in, President al-Assad instructs ministers to make citizens’ livelihood a priority



Damascus, SANA – The members of the new government headed by Imad Mohammad Deeb Khamis on Monday took the constitutional oath before President al- Assad.

Cabinet-sworn-presidnet-al-Assad 4

President al-Assad said to the new government members in a meeting with them after they were sworn in that the high hopes that citizens have for the new government and the difficult circumstances currently taking place in Syria place double responsibilities on the new Cabinet, and these responsibilities require exceptional efforts and at the same time require dealing with citizens in a transparent manner and keeping them informed of these efforts and their results, even if they don’t live up to their hopes.

He affirmed the importance of communicating with citizens via special offices in ministries or through field work, which will keep officials in touch with reality and with the citizens, and will also help them to become aware the people’s suffering, their needs, and their reactions to the performance of ministers and to the decisions they make.

President al-Assad asserted that field work, while important, mustn’t be motivated by showing off in front of the media, nor must it be at the expense of actual daily duties.

Cabinet-sworn-presidnet-al-Assad 5

His Excellency stressed the need for national media establishments to tackle the issues that interest citizens and to address their concerns rather than just being the voice of the government, adding that if national media establishments do that with transparency and honesty, they will reclaim the citizens’ trust which in turn will bolster the popular base that supports the work of the government and state establishments.

President al-Assad stressed that citizens’ living conditions must be a priority for the government, with the most important step in this framework being working to control prices in cooperation with the civil society via joint mechanisms, in addition to preserving the value of the Syrian Pound, bolstering state resources via calculated importation, encouraging exportation, encouraging medium and small industries and agricultural industries, achieving justice in tax collection between the public and private sectors, monitoring and rationalizing expenditures starting with ministers and officials, rationalizing subsidies for essential materials by ensuring they reach beneficiaries, and enhancing the role of positive intervention establishments.

Cabinet-sworn-presidnet-al-Assad 10

His Excellency said that the most important issue when it comes to economy is reconstruction, the first step of which was the project for regulating the fields behind al-Razi in Damascus and other similar projects that will be launched soon in Homs and elsewhere.

President al-Assad stressed the need to focus on these projects because they have immediate results in terms of revitalizing the economy and achieving positive results that affect citizens.

He also said that the government must give special attention to the families of the martyrs and injured members of the Army and Armed Forces by providing them with all their rights via simple and fast procedures, in addition to preparing studies on what could be provided to support national projects dedicated to injured people, like the “Injured of the Homeland” project which supports the injured, helps them acquire their rights, rehabilitates them, empowers them to reintegrate into society, and provides them with constant care.

Cabinet-sworn-presidnet-al-Assad 7

President al-Assad stressed the need for establishing a clear structure for the Prime Minister’s office and for the ministries that sets the mechanism of their work and the relation between them and the relation with other state establishments, including the People’s Assembly, asserting the importance of regulating these relations clearly so that ministers aren’t left unaccountable and so that People’s Assembly members don’t use accountability for personal motives.

The President elaborated by saying that implementing clear structures and mechanisms for ministries’ work, transparent media coverage, and improving administrative development can help limit corruption and assist judicial and supervision establishments in upholding the law and holding the corrupt accountable without exception, adding that lack of production is a form of corruption and it mustn’t be covered up.

Cabinet-sworn-presidnet-al-Assad 9

For their part, the Prime Minister and a number of ministers asserted that the difficult conditions resulting from the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people only make them more determined to double their efforts to find solutions and alleviate the citizens’ burdens.

President al-Assad had issued on July 3rd decree no. 203 for 2016 on forming the new government headed by Khamis.

Hazem Sabbagh