ISRAEL did 911 – 35 Years Documented Proof – Prosecute all Traitors

Published on 10 Sep 2016
For over 40 years Both Israeli and American Dual Citizen ISRAELI’S aka Neoconservative Factions of Government many who have worked in Israel’s government, have been documenting Plans to, through means of False Flag Terror. Get American Military to Fracture the Muslim world into small weaker Countries. The United States is an Occupied Nation .. Our Foreign Policy has been ran by Jewish invaders since the L B Johnson presidency .. the proof is in the attacks on the USS Liberty along with the response of the President LBJ .. That false flag was for the purpose of getting the US to Fight Egypt for Israel. Evidently LBJ was going along with it. In this video we will talk about the evidence and the documentation Israel and US Government’s own Dual Citizen Israeli think tanks writings of the Hegelian Dialectic Psy-op by the means of using Terror, Terror attacks .. False Flag Events to foster Fear and Anger on the American People, thus getting the people to go along with or accept Our military attacking Israel’s Enemies Arabs, Christians and Muslim of the Middle East. This is all a fraud, a hoax, Psychological Warfare particularly played against the American People. I have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of those that need to be Tried, Prosecuted and Executed .. This can only happen by all Americans get involved not relying on any faction of Government including the Judicial system .. it has all been corrupted!!