WikiLeaks Documents Reveal Sinister Relations Between Erdogan And ISIS


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  1. ISIS terrorists help Erdoğan to put down his political dissidents by decapitating them; Israeli Mossad agents infiltrating Turkey to protect the Jewish State’s energy interests


    05 August 2016

    Mohammed Saleh Ail Hassoun( Abu Awab)

    Fri Aug 05, 2016(İstanbul, Turkey) — According to Russian Daily Moskovskaya Pravda, Mohammed Saleh Ail Hassoun–aka Abu Awab, one of ISIS’ infamous leaders — met with a number of the infamous Syrian rebel Muslim Brotherhood officials in Turkish Şırnak and Diyarbakır provinces to discuss ways to help Turkish demagogue president Erdoğan to quickly crush the Turkish army officers who loath pro- Al Qaeda president. Three days later, on 16th July 2016, Hassoun was seen by Free Turkish Officers (FTO) entering İstanbul City Police Department amid chaos that followed the failed coup attempt against despotic regime of president Erdoğan.

    ISIS sympathizer Surrendered Turkish soldiers who were involved in the coup are beaten on Bosphorus Bridge (AFP)

    A day after coup d’état, a myriad of Turkish TV channels said that dozens of Free Turkish Officers soldiers and top-brass officers involved in the coup attempt were found beheaded near Boğaz–Bosphorus Bridge, connecting İstanbul’s Asian side to its European half . A disgruntled member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) who wanted to remain anonymous for the time being, said that Abu Awab and tens of thousands of al-Nusra Front terrorists–Al Qaeda’s branch in war-torn Syria– were given Carte Blanche and complete authority by president Erdoğan himself to suppress opposition within Turkish army and thus, set an example to other political dissidents by killing them in the most horrible manner so the security can return to streets.

    Furthermore, Abu Awab has received Şeref Madalyası by the ruling AKP regime , the highest accolade in Turkey.

    In the meantime, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Minister of Energy in a ‘top-secret letter’ to Yossi Cohen, the infamous director of the Mossad, expressed his concerns over the security of Israel-Turkey pipeline –which exports Israeli natural gas through Turkey– , pleading for Mossad’s urgent measures inside Turkish territories to protect the strategic pipeline which has great importance for Israel’s energy future. The Turkish SD HABERLERİ news website obtained a copy of this confidential letter.

    Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz

    The letter reads:” due to ongoing instability across Turkey in the aftermath of the recent coup attempt and Erdoğan government’s hapless incompetence in ensuring public safety, thus any threat which could jeopardize Israeli interests, Israel-Turkey gas pipeline etc., will have serious repercussions for our prestige and directly undermine the Jewish State, therefore I strongly recommend your Excellency to take undetectable measures to safeguard our vital interests despite Turkish futile efforts.

    Turkey – israel pipeline map

    Deeply embarrassed for his outrageous letter which undermined Turkish sovereignty and political independence, Yuval Steinitz hastily sought to thwart Erdoğan’s possible angry reaction by arranging a telephone interview with Merve Erdil, the Hürriyet Daily News correspondence. Steinitz tried to placate angry Turks by mentioning the imaginary immense financial profits that Israel-Turkey gas pipeline would bring for Turkey, without referring to his scandalous letter to head of Mossad.

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