Maand: maart 2016

American “Dogs of War” Have Gone Wild

Instead of sending its regular troops when facing a well organized opposition on the battlefield, Washington is often using military contractors to get the job done, which has been allowing it to hide the true casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. Moreover, the employment of military contractors allows the US to protract conflicts for decades without even officially announcing its involvement, which results in whole regions being plunged deeper into bloodshed and chaos.
by Martin Berger, NEO: 

16175It seems that the White House together with the US military manufacturers will only be pushing military expenses up, forcing its NATO allies regardless of their desires. It seems that in the 21 century wars are still an extremely profitable business.

The only problem is that while those making weapons get even richer military, Western citizens are getting poorer by the day. They are deprived of any social benefits and comprehensive…

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