Maand: juni 2015

The Illuminati :Greece and the European Revolution.

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

( door Robert M. Stockmann)

Amsterdam-Noir –McCain advising ‘Mob Boss Poroshenko’ Ukraine’ by murdering  journalist. It’s totally insane!bilderberg-conspiracy

While re-reading some old conspiracy archives archived at I stumbled across a particular and rather  unknown though important section, concerning Greece, it’s independence and the so-called European Revolution, which directly followed the French Revolution. This European Revolution (E.R. or ER) was mainly conducted in higher spheres of society and in secret.The PREFACE of [1] is telling :”PREFACE.THE political history of Europe during the last hundred years has been made, to so considerable an extent, by the various secret associations by which revolutions and insurrections have been prepared, that our knowledge of it is incomplete and unsatisfactory without some acquaintance with the agencies which,during that period, have been incessantly at work beneath the surface. The great European convulsion of the last century was foreshadowed by  the Illuminati (Maffia G-7); the seeds of the movement which/skilfully directed  by the most able statesman of…

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