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Bush Family is Nazi Dynasty in the U.S.

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Bush Family is Nazi Dynasty in the U.S.

The British Empire’s operation to launch Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy has to be shut down now, as fast as possible, Lyndon LaRouche stated today.

On the current course, we are on a trajectory for financial blowout of the entire trans-Atlantic system, and for escalating provocations against Russia and China that could lead to global thermonuclear war in the very short term. Russia and China have made it abundantly clear that they are girding for such a war, both militarily and financially. But, along with the other BRICS nations, they have also spelled out a positive policy of global economic development which the United States is also invited to join.

The United States has to change course, from the disastrous 15 years under Bush and Obama. The revelations about CIA torture —on Bush’s watch, but covered up and protected by the Obama administration—has…

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